Systemic risk in financial markets

Systemic risk

Introduction The International Monetary Fund (“IMF”) presented what it believed are the underlying causes of the global financial crisis. The causes are broken down into three general categories that can be attributed to the poor management of systemic risk in the financial system. Flaws in financial “regulation” and “supervision”. The failure of monetary “policy” to […]

Basel III a reality

Basel III reality

Introduction The global economic crisis has provided regulators with an opportunity to fundamentally restructure the approach to risk and regulation in the financial sector.   The international members of the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision have collectively agreed on reforms to “strengthen global capital and liquidity rules with the aim of promoting a more resilient […]

Basel III and liquidity management in banks


The Basel Committee on Banking Supervision has been mentioned often in the media both during and after the financial crisis. This Committee provides a much-needed forum for regulators to meet at regular intervals and discuss cooperation on banking supervisory matters such as the management of capital under the Basel III capital accord. The aim of […]

Recession effects education in US


This guest post is by Donna Nell of Oakview Law Group. A top UNESCO officer stated that the world economic crisis and resulting recession had a major effect on education, especially in least developed nations where there’s a significant rise in the number of drop-outs. With a considerable rise in the cost of education, more […]

What is liquidity risk management?

Liquidity Risk

At the onset of the financial market crisis in 2007, many banks had adequate capital levels but they still ended up experiencing serious difficulties when it came to liquidity risk management.   They had failed to sufficiently accounted for their exposure to liquidity risk. Before the crisis, funding was readily available and cheap.  This created […]